What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.
QuickBooks products are primarily geared towards small and medium-sized businesses and offer native accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, bill management and payment, and payroll functionality.

Who is Alnada company?

Al Nada Company is the distinguished distributor for QuickBooks, the first and only agent in the Middle East.

What is the difference between buying QuickBooks from Intuit and Al Nada?

We are talking about direct vs. direct purchases. Distributor purchases Both types of procurement can be of great benefit to manufacturers, with a better choice depending on the specific needs and goals of the company. Whether a manufacturer supplies raw materials for production, considers distributing final goods directly to consumers, or weighs the benefits of distribution to the seller first, each type of purchase comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.
What are the advantages of direct purchase?
Purchasing components and raw materials directly from manufacturers provides clear advantages to manufacturing companies. And when these raw materials are converted into salable products, selling them directly to your target audience comes with even more benefits - for both workflow and end results.
The main advantages include: 1. Lower costs in general
Whether you buy unfinished building materials directly from a factory or give your customers the power to buy directly from you or a third party, the main advantage of direct purchase is lower costs. For example, the US Department of Justice notes that auto purchases are usually inflated by a full third of their actual price in order to account for additional costs to distributors and dealers. 2. Full control over the sales process
This is a double-edged sword. Choosing not to rely on third-party partners to distribute your merchandise means that you have much greater responsibility for your operations, marketing, and product pipeline. That's a lot of work and responsibility. But for anyone who enjoys the idea of ​​keeping both hands on the tillage machine at all times, there is no substitute for being your own distributor and selling it directly to your target audience. You know your product better than anyone else, so you probably have a better idea of ​​how to effectively transfer it. 3. Direct feedback from customers
Besides having fewer "chefs in the kitchen," direct purchases also mean fewer barriers to receiving practical, actionable, and regular feedback from your customers. For example, it is very common for manufacturers to publish prints with their products, appealing to end customers to contact the manufacturer - rather than the store or distributor from which they purchased the product - about issues or service requests. Dealing directly with your customers removes a great deal of this communication confusion and ensures that you are the one receiving the feedback, rather than the distributor who may not have the ability or permission to deal with the issues themselves.
4. Best shipping and quality control
Excluding middlemen and intermediate steps from the shipping and distribution process also gives you a better idea of ​​what happens during transit and whether steps need to be taken to reduce product spoilage or address issues in the "last mile" of product movement.
If you are the only party handling your merchandise before the end user receives it, you have complete oversight over packaging and shipping, thus you can deal with any defects or damages reported more efficiently.
What are the advantages of buying and selling on a distributor basis?
Working with distributors means you will find yourself working in multiple sales channels. These channels may include retail stores, wholesalers, online shopping portals, and even international merchants if you are targeting a broad audience.
Here are some of the main advantages of doing business this way. 1. The ability to purchase in small quantities
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Buying from a distributor provides an obvious advantage to manufacturers because distributors, as a middleman, are buying in bulk so you don't have to. They increase warehouse space and sell from their large stocks to a variety of small parties, including yours, reducing the minimum purchase of materials and components.
2. Lower costs in some circumstances
Training and maintaining the sales force is difficult and costly for any company that sells directly to end-users. Research by McGraw-Hill shows that after five sales calls, closing an industrial sale can cost as much as $ 685.10 for the average direct seller.
For manufacturers, who inevitably deal with different but generally weak profit margins, engaging with a distributor may actually help avoid some of the costs that are passed on when sales forces and marketing budgets are involved in the direct sales mix.
3. Ease of expansion and a wider audience
When you sell directly to end users, a great deal of the operational burden falls on you. Expanding your manufacturing business when you sell directly to your customers can seem like an easy route, as this keeps everything in the house.
But when you have multiple distributors selling your products, scaling is as easy as adding another seller. This means you can choose a business partner who already has an audience and, most likely, their own geographic or online presence. Which purchase option is right for you?
There is no clear answer regarding the best purchase option.
When you make a purchase, you must choose between purchasing your raw materials directly from the manufacturer or choosing to work with an intermediate distributor.
Knowing your current business situation, the specific requirements for your products, and the scope of your future ambitions will all guide you in charting the right course of action for your unique needs.

Do you accept payments online by credit card or Paypal?

Yes, we accept payments online via credit cards or Paypal.

How can I get services if I am not in Jordan?

According to the previous question, we accept online, credit card and paypal payment, and we also deliver the product you purchased to wherever you live.
Even our meetings and presentations can be done online, everything mentioned above is done by our professional team with really high quality.

Is QuickBooks an ERP program?

No, QuickBooks is a type of accounting software used primarily by small and medium-sized businesses to deal with the financial aspects of running a company.
You can use QuickBooks to manage sales and income, run payroll, or prepare for tax season. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems allow you to manage all of your company's assets, not just financial resources.

Can I try QuickBooks before buying?

Of course! We provide our customers with a free trial version of each of our products if they request.

What is the QuickBooks education program?

Prepare students to join over 7 million small businesses with QuickBooks, or to start their own businesses by learning QuickBooks for free. From tracking income and expenses to creating reports, they will learn real-world business skills.
There is no time like the present for students to develop skills for their future. With QuickBooks, students can simulate a business or start a real business, and learn real-world business skills such as tracking income and expenses, creating reports, and more.

Can I trust your team to perform a meticulous task like applying my accounting software to my company?

Of course! Many companies have trusted us from all over the world and none of them have been disappointed.

If I am not satisfied with your services, what will happen?

I will compensate you for that and make sure that no more mistakes happen in the future

Does the program support the Arabic language?

Of course, all versions of Quickbooks online can be used in Arabic and any other language as well
However, the Arabic language versions of QuickBooks Desktop cannot be used except through assistive programs

What distinguishes QuickBooks from other accounting programs?

The QuickBooks accounting program is characterized by ease of use, as the program's interface and method of use are very flexible and do not require previous experiences from the user
Also, the QuickBooks program is a global program spread all over the world and has proven its effectiveness and accuracy of reports
In addition to the lower costs of maintenance and technical support compared to most other programs, as these technical support services are available in Arabic and English from aggrieved experts throughout the week, and answers to most inquiries can be found online for free.

What are the services provided by Alnada Company?

Al Nada Company provides all services related to the QuickBooks program, and these services are divided into four groups, which are: The first group: Program preparation and operation services

  1. Installing and configuring the QuickBooks program on devices and servers
  2. Transfer of opening balances for accounts, goods and services, customers and suppliers
  3. Specialized training for companies according to the nature of their work
  4. Technical support services
The second group: accounting services
  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Accounting
  3. Audit of accounts
The third group: connectivity services
  1. Connecting QuickBooks with other software
  2. Remote hosting servers
  3. Transfer the detailed financial data from any program to QuickBooks
Fourth group: legal services
  1. Auditing of accounts
  2. Tax advice and follow-up
  3. Legal advice
Fifth Group: Academic Services
  1. Accreditation of the QuickBooks program in universities and academic institutions
  2. Training of students and individuals
  3. Official QuickBooks tests and certificates

What are the training programs offered by Alnada Company?

Al Nada Company offers two types of training: The first type: corporate training
As this training focuses on the operational aspects of each company and how to prepare and use the program in accordance with the nature of the company in order to issue the necessary financial reports for it.
The company chooses the appropriate time and place for training according to its need
This training provides training for service, commercial and industrial companies, non-profit organizations and accounting firms The second type: personnel training
This training focuses on individuals and students who want to learn about the program and learn how to use it in general
The dates for this training are predetermined and the training is done through online visual communication only
From this training there is a training available on the issuance of the QuickBooks Desktop, the issuance of the QuickBooks online and the issuance of the basics of accounting

What is the advice of Alnada Company for accountants newly graduated and what is its role towards that?

The best thing that an accountant does upon graduation is to prepare himself and acquire the practical skills required in the labor market
Alnada Company provides students with the necessary tools for practical application materials and QuickBooks programs free of charge through universities and other academic institutions in order to provide them with practical accounting skills
In addition to providing free field training opportunities at its headquarters to enable students to apply the acquired knowledge and skills on the ground

What's the differences between QBO & QBDT?

The main difference between the QuickBooks online versions and the QuickBooks Desktop versions is that QuickBooks Online works over the Internet as it is a cloud accounting system and therefore you will not need to install the program on a computer, so all users can work on the program from anywhere, whether from computers. Or from mobile devices only, provided there is internet, as the database is located on Intuit's cloud servers As for the QuickBooks Desktop versions, the program must be installed on the computer or servers in order for users to work on the program, as the database is located on your computer or server
But you should pay attention to the properties of the versions to be able to determine which one suits your work, the cloud version or the desktop And that is through the link: https://www.quickbooks.alnada.org/enterprise-compare